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Timeshares / Captain We're Sinking - Split 7" KOD 061

Timeshares bring a lot of what one would expect from an ex-The Knockdown band to their side of the split. Tight playing, some noodling guitar riffs, some staccato ones, and an overall knack for bringing an extra catchy chorus to your ears without beating you over the head with it. They're talented dudes and they know just how to get you feeling good and singing along. On the flipside of this split, Captain We're Sinking tear through a couple of tracks of vocal driven punk. Somtimes fast, sometimes plodding and head-nodding, Captain We're Sinking have enough tricks up their sleeves to open a magic school, but their too busy writing great vocal lines that will get fused to your brain stem.

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Pressing Information

1st pressing: 500 +/- 7 inches
452 red/purpley mix
33 dark purple w/black
10 solid black
5 almost black.

2nd pressing: 100 black