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Arms Aloft / The Manix - Split 7" / Digital Download KOD 045

Wisconsin's ARMS ALOFT bring a double dose of loud gruff anthemic punk in the vein of Dillinger Four. It's melodic, driving and the vocals are belted out with serious intensity. DOUBLEDRANOPERCOCETNOICE could be the theme song to your life. THE MANIX provide an excellent flip side to this split by drawing on similar influences with equally successful yet somehow different results. They have a few more whoas in their songs, but fans of one side should be stoked on the other. Both of these bands play the type of good, tight shit we've come to expect from America's mid-west punk scene. Should we mention that Corey from THE MANIX also plays in BANNER PILOT?

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Pressing Information

Release Date: 2/22/11

2. ARMS ALOFT - Skinny Love
4. THE MANIX - The Greatest Thieves

1st Pressing - 600 7 inches
(200 White 400 Mixed Vinyl)

208 purple mix
200 white (hot topic)
63 dark olive
51 brownish marble
20 custard creme
15 pea green creme
11 unflushed toilet
17 emerald mix
4 pea soup