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Critic, The/Devices - Split 7"

Obscure split 7" release from DEVICES and THE CRITIC, with two tracks from DEVICES (featuring a dude who played in CAPSULE for a while) and on...


Crow's Feet - Concertina Tape

Crowsfeet is the solo expedition of Tommy from Shang-A-Lang. His concept for the cassette "Concertina" was to add depth and space to acou...

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Crucial Dudes - 61 Penn LP

he debut release from South Jersey's pop-punk dudes, or as we affectionately call them around these parts, The Crudes. Ten songs of infectious,...


Cruddy - S/T 7"

A reductionist approach to the already minimal, CRUDDY's debut EP takes the angular angst of Wire and Black Flag and eliminates the negative sp...


Crumbs, The / The Ridicules - Split 7"

The Crumbs have been making noise down in Miami for 15 years now. Their unmistakable 1950's classic rock n roll meets 1970's pre-punk style...


Crump, The - Leave Home 7"

The Crump somehow, take mid-’90s Midwest pop punk and put it right at the feet of the altar of early Elvis Costello. Finger snapping, toe tapping g...


Crump, The / Shyboy - Split 7"

If think Japanese punk, you think Snuffy Smiles. This record contains more of what makes this label so great: hooks, distortion, and diy spirit. Ge...

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Crusades - The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In LP

To call the Ottawa punk scene incestual makes it sound too wholesome. At this point, a band family tree would be impossible. They’ve crossed the li...


Culture Shock - S/T 7"

Debut EP from Syracuse’s native sons of hateful HC punk. Pummeling guitar parts and venomous lyrics about the sad state of mankind. A blend of trad...


Cunningham, Jeff - The Poems Stuck In My Teeth CD

First Full Length Album Jeff ever played on. Recorded when he was eighteen years old.Jeff Cunningham's debut solo release, "The Poems Stuc...

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Cute Lepers - You Don't Have To Belong (To The Religious Right) 7"

The latest from Steve E. Nix's (The Briefs) new band The Cute Lepers. "You Don't Have To Belong (To The Religious Right)" comes f...


Cutman - Big Deal 7"

With propulsive rhythms, muscular guitar work and some of the most sincere and moving lyrics you'll ever hear, Gainesville, FL's CUTMAN cre...

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Cutman - No Trick Pony 7" /CD / Digital Downlaod

CUTMAN "NO TRICK PONY" & “BIG DEAL” CDep and Separate 7 inches Folks from Gunmoll, Unitas and Escape Grace playing DC by way of Gaine...

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Dag Nasty - Dag With Shawn CD

After only three months of playing shows, Dag Nasty went into Inner Ear Studios with Ian MacKaye. "Dag With Shawn" was recorded on Hallow...

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Daggermouth - Stallone CD

Daggermouth is a five piece pop-punk/melodic hardcore band from The Rain City of Vancouver, Canada. The band incorporates the best of both aforemen...


Daggermouth - Turf Wars CD

Daggermouth's five members come blasting out of Vancouver, Canada with their second full length, "Turf Wars," which is twelve tracks ...

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Daggers Rule - S/T 7"

Excellent skate punk rock. This release has great artwork as well!


Damezumari - Hope Inscribed on Handbills 7"

Following up their split lp with Fire Team Charlie as well their jaw dropping appearance at last year's Rok Lok Fest, Oklahoma's Damezumari...


Dan Padilla - As The Ox Plows CD

Let's face it. If you're over thirty, have moved out of your parents' house, and come to realize that "anarchy!" means no bri...


Dan Padilla - As The Ox Plows LP

Let's face it. If you're over thirty, have moved out of your parents' house, and come to realize that "anarchy!" means no bri...


Dan Padilla/The Tim Version/Hidden Spots/Tiltwheel 7"

Tiltwheel is 2/3rds Dan Padilla. The Hidden Spots is some ratio of The Jack Palance Band, sand, and awesome. Dan Padilla was named after a bank rob...


Danger Death Ray! - Stop And Smell The EP Collection TAPE

Political? Check. Sappy as all hell? You got it. Portland's Danger Death Ray toes the line between whip-smart slogans and crooning balladry on ...


Dangur - National Felt 7

- Fuzzed out rock n roll played by some Western, MA dudes.


Dauntless Elite, The - More Bloody Bad News LP

classic uk band at this point.More Bloody Bad News by The Dauntless Elite


Dazes, The/The Wimpy's - Split 7"

CLEAR RED VINYL!It’s Alive Records brings us a split from a couple of bands from across the globe, The Dazes and The Wimpys are both from Japan, bu...


Dead Broke Rekerds Comp VOL:3 Tape

1st press: Metallic Blue Tapes.2nd press: Purple + Black Tapes. 1. ADD/C- gas station roses 2. Tenement- Pauline* 3. Drunken Boat- poison whi...


Dead Hearts - Dead Hearts CD

Buffalo, New York's Dead Heart's speed onto the Eastern front with their debut EP. Featuring ex-members of Control, Alleged, and headed by ...


Dead Mechanical - Addict Rhythms CD

One of the best things about living in the miserable hole that is Washington, DC is that -if nothing else -it's not far from Baltimore. And one...

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Dead Mechanical - Binghamton Calling 7"

Baltimore's Dead Mechanical bring us 2 more songs of Jawbreaker-meets-Superchunk-inspired melodic punk as a teaser single for their upcoming LP...


Dead Mechanical - Medium Noise CD

The ragged two-packs-a-day bleat of Lucas Carscadden may be what defines Dead Mechanical, but it's drummer Matt Dorsey's more melodic vocal...