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Towering Inferno - Four Songs 7"

Four tracks of massive, furious hardcore-thrash from central Florida. Emotional and technical, but never lame or cliché, Towering Inferno creates a...


Stupid Party - S/T 7"

Stupid Party is one of Brooklyn's most fun bands. They recorded this 7" and were cool enoughto let Starcleaner put it out. The art was don...


Street Eaters / White Night - Split 7"

Street Eaters : Check it: At long last, Street Eaters have ventured down the mountain to crash your eardrums with lots of "hey"s, and laz...


Sleepwall - Is That Factual? 7"

Long Island's post-hardcore heroes are back with a two-song single to melt your mind. "Tennessee Sun" on the A-side is a bouncy feedb...

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Restorations - S/T 7"

Two tracks of heavy rock and roll that walks the line of shoe gaze. Does that sound weird? I think it does. I'm really not sure what they sound...


Resi North / Space Manatee - Split 7"

more florida bands. one from Sarasota and the other from Bradenton.


Unfun / Muhammad Ali - Split 7"

Unfun recreate what it sounds to get the shit kicked out of you in a small bathroom by a really tight wizard. Pummeling relentless, and somehow mag...


CrashBangBoom - S/T 7"

6 songs from 3 of the 5 members of Too Many Daves.From the ashes of Arcade Inferno, and 1987 Motherfucker comes Dave Haberkorn's latest batch o...

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Mayflower / Jeff Rowe - Split 7"

1 new song from both bands and then they each do a cover of each others jams. cover screened and designed by Teddy from Mayflower. all numbered a...


Coconut Coolouts - The Last Man You'll Ever See 7"

2 spooky Halloween songs released (of course!) just in time for Thanksgiving. Or 11 months early for Halloween 2010, your choice. The Last Man You&...


Little Cuts - Plastic Disaster 7"

Three song EP of loud, chaotic pop from Seattle’s Little Cuts, featuring Dave Hernandez of Scared Of Chaka and The Shins. A-side is a slow building...

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Potential Johns, The - S/T 7"

explorations courtesy of Jeff Burke of The Marked Men!2 tracks of lo fi pop genius, recorded on the eve of Jeff's moving to Japan.While retaini...

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Pregnant - S/T 7"

The debut 7" from this Brooklyn trio featuring members of bands like For Science, Down In Flames, and The Banner but who draw influence from F...


Pines Of Nowhere - S/T 7"

three dudes-STEVIE, JONATHAN, and SEBASTIAN (TRANS AM)-who want nothing more than to get up on a stage and fucking rock. Eleven tracks of propulsiv...


Outbreak - Work To Death 7"

After three years without an album, basement-wrecking hardcore act Outbreak has given us the "Work To Death" EP; a two-track effort about...


Old Growth / 12XU - Split 7"

Old Growth gives 2 new songs splintering in either direction from their full length offerings. Luke sings the aggressive almost Yabra-like "He...


Rad Company / Sok - Split 7"

RAD CO: Gritty, unshaven punk that owes a lot to the reflection of the East Bay, the overwhelming futility of the Midwest, and the unapologeticness...


Rad Company - Bottom Shelf 7"

Gritty, unshaven punk that owes a lot to the reflection of the East Bay, the overwhelming futility of the Midwest, and the unapologeticness of the ...


Rad Company - Someone Should Be Fired 7"

Punk from Dayton, Ohio.Rad Company "Someone Should Be Fired" by Rad Girlfriend Records


North Lincoln / The Gibbons - Split 7"

Five songs of melodic punk and state pride. Two new songs from North Lincoln and the final three songs from The Gibbons


New Found Glory - Tip Of The Iceberg 7"

Three songs from the New Found Glory Tip Of The Iceberg CDEP, are available on traditional 7” format or a picture disc 7”. This is a unique release...


Neverending Party - S/T 7"

Neverending Party was a great band that had a short life. Their debut 7" will scream through your speakers and has been known to inspire uncon...


Nervous Dogs - Great Doors 7"

Follow up release to the widely accepted "Avenida Sevilla" 7". Still features the original line-up of Patrick Quinney (Fiya/Holopaw)...


Wormburner - S/T 7"

Wormburner is a four piece pop-punk band from Grand Rapids, MI who take a few cues from the gruffness of their other projects (North Lincoln, Traff...

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Wild America - The Sea 7"

Fucking awesome 7" EP of beautiful, melodic, poppy, somber garage punk rock from Austin, TX!"Anyone who got their tape or has caught them...


White York - Changing The Wheel 7"

Isaac was the drummer in Unwelcome Guests for a bit.listen here:


Whatever - Socially Retarded 7"

Cleveland's Whatever toe the line between pop-punk and straight up punk rock. They released a full length on Dr. Strange. USED ITEM! Girth ...


What Happened? - This Is Our Life 7"

listen here:


Merrimac - The Mess, The Madness 7"

Debut 7 inch release from Syracuse, NY metal / hardcore / southern rock band Merrimac. Mayo from Another Breath and now Mayflower is/was in this b...