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Blockhead - I'll Leave This Behind CD

hit play!!I'll Leave This Behind by Blockhead (NH)

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Derailer - Moose Country - CDep

Derailer is the band that me and Larry formed after MLK JR split. We enlisted the help of our friend Zack on bass and went to work writing songs al...

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Fucking Cops, The - S/T 4 Song Demo cdep

tracks:1. Paycheck2. Bombs3. Five Days A Week4. Stained Glass Windowscant find the demo streaming, so just listen to this release instead.Fuck You ...

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High School - You Already Know CD

The debut full length from Columbus, Ohio's High School. 8 songs of some of the best 'whoa-oh' pop-punk the buckeye state has to offer....

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Dopamines, The - Vices CD

Expect the worst. Nothing has ever happened in your time on this planet that makes any other philosophy hold water. People all over the world have ...

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Late Bloomer - 4 Song Demo TAPE

demo tape features 4 songs and a digital download card. Features ex and current members of Nations, Obstruction, Meth Mtn., Pullman Strike, Horse T...


Melissa & Paul - Goin' Home / Distractions 2 x 7"

Melissa & Paul's debut double EP, Distractions/Goin' Home, released by Bedside Manner Collective on assorted color 7" vinyl.Distra...


Melissa & Paul - Live Hard 10"

best duo in the diy scene right now.Live Hard by Melissa & Paul


Infected - It's Been A Long Way Down CD

these guys dropped a 7" a few years ago on ADD well lemme tell you this new LP is leaps and bounds better than that was. totally new band fo...


Fellow Project / Marine Electric - Split 7"

2 new songs and a FP cover from Marine Electric and 1 new song and a ME cover from Fellow Projectwe have clear green vinyl. limited edition yoyo m...


Late Bloomer - S/T LP

This band has progressed tremendously in the short time they have been a band. I say that even though they released a stellar demo tape earlier in ...


Old Flings - Spite LP

We are very excited about this release. This band has come a long way in their sound and from their inception as a way for Matt Evans (Just Die!) t...

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Various Artists - Let's Do It For Lance! J Church Tribute CD

A co-operative release from five labels. All proceeds go to help defray Lance Hahn's mounting medical bills for his kidney & heart problems...


Various Artists - Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute To Swingin' Utters CD

Swingin’ Utters had been a band for just over 21 years when we first began putting this tribute together for the beloved streetpunk heroes. Before ...


Various Artists - The World I Know: A Tribute To Pegboy CD

24 song tribute CD to Chicago's own Pegboy! all exclusive songs! Mostly Chicago bands, but also includes a few New York/New Jersey-ites and a b...

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Defiance, Ohio - Share What Ya Got CD

folk punk jams


Underground Railroad To Candyland - Bird Roughs CD

Here is what Jersey Beat said about this one."You can put this album on and think you were listening to Toys That Kill or FYP and that is not ...

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Vacation Bible School - Unlucky CD

If Vacation Bible School was actually Punk Rock Camp and these three dudes ran a workshop called “Pop-Punk, Nihilism and You,” and spent as much ti...


Street Eaters - We See Monsters CD

Both Megan March and Johnny Geek, equal parts of Street Eaters, were born in Oakland, raised in the East Bay, and came of age in the Gilman/Geekfes...


Sundowner - Four One Five Two CD

Chris McCaughan (Singer/Guitarist of The Lawrence Arms on Fat Wreck Chords) has been playing solo shows at clubs and coffee shops for the past few ...


Swims, The - Itemlord CD

If Jim Henson dropped acid with Jeff Mangum of NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL and recorded an album, this would be it. Expanding on their previous LP RIDE OF T...


Team Stray - Gender Studies CD

On their sophomore release, Cincinnati's Team Stray grows up a little in spite of themselves. Already described by one of their closest longtim...

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Teenage Bottlerocket - Warning Device CD

pop pop pop punk.


Various Artists - To Live And Die In Tampa Bay CD

Featuring: Clairmel, The Tim Version, The Dukes Of Hillsborough, Super Power Abuse, Arcade Inferno, Flat Stanley, The Rogue Set, Vaginsore Jr, Ches...


Tim Version, The - Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band CD

TAMPA!!! PUNX!!!Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band by THE TIM VERSION


Tim Version, The - Decline Of The Southern Gentleman CD

Tampa, FL punk rock. legends at this point.

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Toys That Kill - Flys CDep

LIMITED EDITION. Toys That Kill hail from San Pedro, CA. They've managed to put together an updated take on the classic punk sound: buzz saw gu...

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Transgressions, The - Waste My Time CD

Madison, WI's Transgressions debut blasts through six songs in a little over six minutes with hoarse voiced, catchy pop punk. This record is fo...


Sea Of Thousand - The Church Of Total Collapse CD`

angry metaly hardcoreSea Of Thousand - The Church of Total Collapse by Sea of Thousand