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Horace Pinker - Local State Inertia LP

Sometimes you have an opportunity to work with a band that's been in the game for a long time. Horace Pinker has been releasing records, tourin...

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Astpai - Efforts And Means LP

Progressing from their previous LP, 2010's Heart to Grow, the 11 tracks on Efforts & Means clearly show that Astpai create heartfelt, since...

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Permanent Makeup - The Void, It Creeps LP/CD

st pete/tampa bay area rockers bring the fuzz. you need to check out what's happening in our area. shit is getting real. dont sleep on this....


Ink & Sweat / Caseracer - Split 7"

We met Ink & Sweat when we were on tour in Tampa. We were like, "Yo, you rule. Would you wanna do a split with us?" And they said yes...


Sundials / Tatlins Towers - Split 7"

two brand new jams from Sundials (RVA) following up the new LP they just released with Asian Man records. they brought some friends along to joi...

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Feral Babies / Chemical Ache - Split 7"

Feral Babies: short, fast and sweet. super melodic and thrashy fast hxc. RIYL:OFF!, Circle Jerks, Black Flag and the like. members of: New Bruise...

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Arteries - Restless LP

6 new song on a one sided LP with a sick etching on the b side. co released with Specialist Subject Records (UK) ltd to 666 hand numbered copies...

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Tiny Empires - sticker/pin pack

get a sticker, button and a screen printed patch. get weird.4.00 or add the split 7" with Tigers Jaw and get both for 8.00 SAVE A BUCK!we al...


Tiny Empires - Shirt

says Tiny Empires to the bottom right of the image shown

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Plow United - Act Like It b/w Little Bit Of Hatred 7"

first new release in over a decade!Pre-order your copy today! "Act Like It" b/w "Little Bit of Hatred" Recorded and Mixed by Da...

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Arms Aloft - Sawdust City LP or CD

ARMS ALOFT formed in 2007 in their hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; a logging town-turned interstate exit between Minneapolis and Chicago. They w...


Shit Creek - Psychic Hospital 7"

4 new songs from Ben Snakepit and friends. ex party garbage and shanghai river.Psychic Hospital by SHIT CREEK


Mayflower / Banquets - Split 7"

two newish songs from each band. assorted colors of vinyl. this is a ripper you dont wanna miss out on.

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Bangers - Good Livin' 7"

New e.p from Bangers, 4 tracks of catchy raw pop punk! Artwork from Jamie Morrison (The Arteries). Good Livin' e.p by bangersThis is a split re...


New Bruises - Chock Full Of Misery CD

The entire record is online to check out now... STREAM "Chock Full Of Misery" here! Co-Release with NO IDEA Records -KOD CD does not inc...

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Criminal Culture / Rubrics - Split 7"

Crim Cult is a crucial punk rock band Tampa FL.....Rubrics is a radical punk rock band from Greenville, SC......Download from iTunes here! Criminal...

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New Bruises - Chock Full Of Misery LP

The entire record is online to check out now... STREAM "Chock Full Of Misery" here! Co-Release with NO IDEA RecordsChock Full of Misery,...

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Capsule - No Ghost LP

No Ghost by Capsule


Pink Razors - First Degree 7"

Pink Razors might be pegged around their hometown of RVA as Dillinger Four Jr., but their new-ish 7", First Degree, should prove them to be ju...


Snacktruck - Spacial Findings 1 - 7 CD

Combining elements of prog, math rock and a lot more, Snacktruck have created a sound like none other in Richmond. Using two drummers to create a c...


Midwestern, The - S/T Cdep

The Chicago/St. Louis trio The Midwestern debut their first recording on this 4 song EP. The Midwestern play primarily instrumental math/indie rock...


Two Funerals, The - Boys Club LP

one of the peeps from Field Day. making a statement about the moral decline of basement d.i.y. Boy's Club by The Two Funerals


Amatueur Party - Truncheons In The Manor LP

Truncheons in the Manor is the first Lp by Philadelphia's Amateur Party in 3 years and their first full length ever. The band recorded 10 track...


Mouthbreather / Worn In Red - Split 7"

2 new songs from each band. last Mouthbreather studio songs.

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Big Mike - Somewhere, Sometime 7"

Big Mike, like all suburban houses and children wear their decay on the inside behind sturdy frames and weird inviting smiles. You have only but to...


Kayo Dot - Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue CD

Boston, Massachusetts' eight-piece "avant-metal" outfit KAYO DOT follow up their much-heralded 2003 debut (on John Zorn's Tzadik ...


Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - S/T CD

Seattle, Washington, is home to some of the greatest bands on the planet. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, although new, can be mentioned in ...

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Jersey - Generation Genocide CD

Street punk has always been about heart. Rancid, for example, despite their ascendancy to revivalist royalty, still bring the power-chord passion w...


Vacation - Dream Dad 7"

You can throw three dudes in front of a camera and make them smile for a band picture, but true chemistry is completely impossible to fake, and it&...