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Resin Hits - How To Cut A Rock CD EXF 038

If you're into the whole indie/pop punk without whiny vocals then Resin Hits might be right up your alley. This isn't the catchiest band I've heard recently, but their songs somehow draw you in and I found myself not wanting to skip over tracks.

Most of their songs stick with a similar formula, using melody like it was a drunken man rambling at the local bar with lightly tuned guitairs that reminisce back and forth between frustation and joy. While it may seem like they're repeating themselves with a couple tracks, each song has it's own feel to it. You can also hear a grunge influence throughout the album.

The band isn't that heavy but make it up through good songwriting as a whole. You can hear each instrument in the mix very well. The production fits the band perfectly by not being overproduced. Weaving in and out punk bass lines that compliments the guitars and drums while the vocals and backups do their part.

The catchiest song on the album "Resin Trickster", let the vocals take a back seat and delight you with guitar riffs that reminds one of The Allman Brothers instrumental songs. A lot of these songs would seem right for a night drive through town or drinking a couple brews after work. I would say if you're a fan of anything Hot Water Music then you would probably dig this release. This is not the greatest thing on the planet by any means, but it's a band doing something right in their genre.