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Red Room Cinema - S/T CD RRC2007

FROM: Tampa, FL

Sun drenched Tampa, Florida’s Red Room Cinema has been constantly evolving since 2004. Founding members Anthony Maltese and Brian Burleson weave shifting time signatures, dynamic atmospherics and haunting melodies to artfully craft sprawling instrumental soundscapes
that balance delicate calm and visceral intensity.

Following their 2008 EP The Black Friday Session, Red Room Cinema tries their hand at wordless
storytelling with their four part epic Apsis to be included on their 2012 eponymous release of the same name. Drawing inspiration from the short stories of
Italo Calvino, they sonically navigate the themes of loss, hope and human connection during the final hours as the Moon begins to collapse and rain onto the earth.

Explosions In The Sky, Isis, Maserati, Mogwai, Tristeza