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Kitty Little - Know No Shame CD AOTU 029 / PWR 013

"After countless releases Kitty Little finally delivers their first full length record. Noticeably bigger, faster and rougher than their previous efforts Kitty Little has not lost their penchant for writing catchy tunes! From the self affirming title track "Know no Shame" to the lustful love song "Cute" and the punk punch of "Dilemma", this record will not let you off easy! More of that male/female vocal attack, catchy choruses and sassy lyrics you've come to expect from Kitty Little! The recording production is solid with lots of little twists and curves throughout! wrote, "Know No Shame is 35 minutes of loud, melodic genius" Fans of Superchunk, Miracle of 86, Archers of Loaf and Sugar should take note!" - Peterwalkee Records

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