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Cassette - Shining Like A New Dime CD

Samantha Jones returns with new cast once again as Cassette to touch base with a new ep of beautiful compositions. Songs of simplicity, layers, fol...


Causeyway, The - Testimony CDep

The Causey Way is here and ready to shake up true indie rock world. With their unique blend of angular song writing The Causey Way can only be comp...


Caustic Christ - Government Job 7"

While much of the hardcore scene is based on the energy and anger of the youth, there's something to be said for a band made up of bitter old g...

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Caves - Betterment LP/CD

Betterment by Caves


Caves - Collection CD

Debut CD release from Bristol's Caves. Compiling tracks from their (now out of print) self-titled debut 7”, their 4 way split 10” with Calvinba...

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Caves - Homeward Bound LP/CD

12 brand new tracks of raw, catchy and honest punk rock from Bristol's Caves. This record sees the band taking the best elements of their previ...

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Caves / Sundials - Split 7" / Digital Download

CAVES"This Bristol, UK punk-pop trio are often compared to bands such as Discount and Lemuria and it’s no surprise why. They play a brand of p...


Cease Upon The Capitol - Untitled 2006 CD

The next step in musical evolution, Cease Upon The Capitol up the ante in the heavy music arena. 10 tracks in 21 minutes. Instrumentals melt into d...


Cellgraft - Deception Schematic 7"

After several tape releases, this is the first 7" by Tampa grinders Cellgraft. Ultra fast, old school grindcore in the traditional of Terroriz...


Centuries - Creation/Extinction 7"

riyl: Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Union Of Uranus, One Eyed God ProphecyCreation/Extinction by Centuries


Centuries / Homestretch ‎– Centuries / Homestretch 7"

Centuries (5) I –Centuries (5) II –Centuries (5) III –Homestretch Quarry (Hunt) –Homestretch Muzzle (Domesticate)


Chad Price/Rocky Votolato - Split 7"

Originally intended to be an under the influence 7", it was later suggested that we release a split 7" featuring a track from Chad Price’...


Challenged, The - Loaded Language CD

New York, NY based “The Challenged” sharpen the blade and cut to the quick on their 3rd release “Loaded Language”. Loaded Language is 13 tracks of ...


Charming Snakes - Ammunition CD

NEW Dirtnap Records. Seattle post-punk w/ no funk, minus skinny ties plus a side of Fall/Sonic Youth


Chicax / He Who Corrupts - Split 7"

Two songs by Miss Chica X, our all-time favorite Quad Cities child noise-pop star and three songs by Hewhocorrupts, our favorite Chicago grind-pop ...


Children's Crusade, The - Get Awesome 10"

The Children's Crusade recordings that make up Get Awesome are what originally inspired the start of It's Alive Records. This record has it...

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Chillerton - Bleak Unison

One of the best kept secrets on the UK underground punk scene, Chillerton started life as the Jawbreaker-influenced side-project of the Rock Sound ...

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Chillerton - Hollow Lane 7"

Listening to “Hollow Lane” is reminiscent of an energetic basement show. Sing-along vocals, tight rhythms, and inspirational lyrics melt together ...


Chin Up Merriwether - S/T LP

This power trio has been making energetic, inspiring music for years. They're tight, technical and get stuck in your head. The name is a nod to...

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Chinese Telephones - Democracy CD

Chinese Telephones have exactly twenty-eight recorded songs in existence - twelve from their s/t album and sixteen from the singles and splits that...


Chinese Telephones - S/T CD

Right from the beginning, the Telephones don't waste time, explaining through their blasting guitars and alternating, somewhat rushed vocals of...


Chinese Telephones - S/T LP

new pressing on blue/yellow split colorChinese Telephones is the soundtrack to a sweaty house-party basement show in Any town, USA. It's got th...

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Chixdiggit - Safeways Here We Come LP

Sweeter than maple syrup and at times more mysterious than Ogopogo, Canada’s finest pop-punk export, CHIXDIGGIT!, are back with their latest master...

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Chop-Sakis - Ghost Town Crowd CD

Members of The Marked Men and Riverboat Gamblers.LISTEN HERE!!************Here are Some Reviews:**...

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Chris Wollard / Addison Burns - Lil Bitta 7"

Recorded and mixed at Addison's house by Chris & Addison, for their 2011 Australia/New Zealand tour with Tim Barry.


Chronic Sick - Cutest Band In Hardcore LP

Finally legitimately reissued on vinyl for the first time in 28 years! This NJHC cult classic has been under the radar for decades and the original...


Chuck Ragan / Sam Russo / Jimmy Islip / Helen Chambers - Split LP

Long awaited split LP from Chuck Ragan and 3 of his favorite singer / songwriters from the UK punk scene, Sam Russo, Jimmy Islip and Helen Chambers...


City Of Ships - Look What God Did To Us LP

If you've been following the Post-Hardcore scene, for the last half of the 'oughts progression has fallen by the wayside in favor of sea of...


Civilization - S/T LP

Mid-tempo crust with a heavy ecological preservation vibe in the lyrics. I am reminded at times of HIS HERO IS GONE during the dark sparsely played...