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Angel Eyes - And For A Roof A Sky Full OF Stars CDep

This is described on the site as "like the soundtrack to a time lapse film of the end of the world." whoa. scarier th...


Annalise - Versus Everything CD

They very rarely play live or venture into a recording studio, but ANNALISE’s place in the underground punk scene is assured thanks to a long term ...


Another Breath - Mill City CD

Standing in a VFW hall in Fulton, New York, the middle of June, with a hundred and fifty kids crowded around the band, singer Ted AB drops the mic ...


Another Breath - The God Complex CD

A lot of buzz words get thrown around when people discuss hardcore. ‘Catharsis’ is probably one you’ve heard more than a few times.It could be the ...


Antlers - S/T CD

Debut Record by Richmond's Antlers. Antler's play primarily instrumental mathy indie stuff more to the tune of bands like Ghost and Vodka. ...


Apocalypse Meow, & Todd Congelliere ‎– Split 7"

Tracklist Hide CreditsA1 –Apocalypse Meow Just You WaitDrums – John*Guitar, Bass – Jub*Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Justin*Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastere...


Arm The Poor/Stuck Lucky - Split LP

Tampa's Arm the Poor and Tennessee's Stuck Lucky team up for this full length split. Fans of mid 90's ska punk and fat wreck style riff...

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Arms Aloft - Sawdust City LP or CD

ARMS ALOFT formed in 2007 in their hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; a logging town-turned interstate exit between Minneapolis and Chicago. They w...


Arms Aloft / Leagues Apart - Split 7"

Since it only took them 4 years to get their full length out, Arms Aloft thought they'd go crazy and celebrate their new found prolific songwri...

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Arms Aloft / The Manix - Split 7" / Digital Download

Wisconsin's ARMS ALOFT bring a double dose of loud gruff anthemic punk in the vein of Dillinger Four. It's melodic, driving and the vocals ...

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Arrivals, The - Sister Series 7"

Over two years in the making, how can we put this into words besides “fuckin’ hooray!”? One of our all-time favorite bands. This record is one half...

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Arteries - Restless LP

6 new song on a one sided LP with a sick etching on the b side. co released with Specialist Subject Records (UK) ltd to 666 hand numbered copies...

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Arteries, The - Blood, Sweat, And Beers CD

Cast your mind back to the mid-to-late-`90s and you will be reminded of a world that seems almost imaginary: a pre-9/11 society where the violent m...

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Arteries, The - Dead Sea CD

Brand new full length from The Arteries! 13 tracks of straight up, no bullshit punk rock from Swansea's finest.


Arteries, The - Dead Sea LP

Mint Green. ripping melodic punk rock from Swansea, UK They have a new split 7" with Static Radio NJ and another new split with The Arrivals...


Aspiga - Tense CD

Aspiga from Collingswood, NJ play tunes in the vein of Osker, Jawbreaker, Hanalei, Fingers Cut Mega-Machine, and Desaparecidos. Their debut full le...


Asthma Attaq "S/T" LP

intense spazcore for fans of At The Drive-In and The Locust.


Asthma Attaq - Breathe Heavy CD

Florida's Asthma Atttaq returns with a new genre bending full-length. Having drawn comparisons as varied from Jerome's Dream to Hella to Ye...

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Astpai - Efforts And Means LP

Progressing from their previous LP, 2010's Heart to Grow, the 11 tracks on Efforts & Means clearly show that Astpai create heartfelt, since...


Astro Fang - Flesh Hand 7"

ASTROFANG is the best rock band to come out of Dayton, Ohio since Guided By Voices. These songs combine rock n roll, punk, and weird spastic indie ...


Atom Age, The - Kiss The Ring 7"

Brand new 7" from The Atom Age out of Berkeley, CA! Features Ryan Perras, drummer from The Queers on guitar/vocals! 7" has two new tracks...


Attack! Vipers! - Deadweight Revival LP

one of the best UK bands clear vinylDeadweight Revival by Attack! Vipers!

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Attack! Vipers! - The Mirror and the Destroyer LP

It’s interesting how the melodic chaos of the late, great Drowningman has emerged in bands like Errander, Die By Design, D-Rail & Attack! Viper...


Autonomy ‎– The Art Of Work In The Age Of Digital Reproduction LP

Post-Punk, PunkA1 Homostatis Stasis 2:30A2 Public Faith 2:54A3 Dumb Punk 0:39A4 Contemptus Mundi 3:43A5 Library Of Alexandria 3:14A6 No Need 3:54B1...


Backpocket - What Am I Gonna Do With A Gun Rack CDep

dudes from the Measure (sa) and The Ergs


Bad Blood Revival - Tongue Twisting LP

However Bad Blood Revival is exactly that and has laid down a pretty awesome record in Tongue Twisting Tunes for Tiny Tots that is part of split re...


Band Name - Breakfast LP

These guys have done nothing but work, work, work, since they released their CD, "Insert Hear" last year. They played FEST in 2009 and to...


Bangers - Dude Trips CD

CD collection of all of Bangers vinyl output, 10 tracks including stuff from the splits with Break the Habit & Dirty Tactics, their single on A...

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Bangers - Good Livin' 7"

New e.p from Bangers, 4 tracks of catchy raw pop punk! Artwork from Jamie Morrison (The Arteries). Good Livin' e.p by bangersThis is a split re...