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Shang-A-Lang / Broken Mountain ‎– Split Release (U.S. Version)

A1 –Shang-A-Lang Everything I LoveA2 –Shang-A-Lang Crystal Balls & Tarot CardsA3 –Shang-A-Lang GrantedB1 –Broken Mountain I'm Talking To Wh...


Science Police ‎– You Are Under Arrest In The Future 7"

TracklistThe Boat Dreams From The Front Desk She Blinded Me With Immunobiology Stop Hitting Yourself No Fun Intended Good Mood Too Old Songs


Sandspur City ‎– Sandspur City 7"

TracklistA1 The Ocean's That Way A2 Bricks In My Backpack B1 Sleep To Forget B2 Sounds Like Seam To Me


Rubrics ‎– Sow Your Seeds + CD EP

Tracklist7"A1 This Music Is My Life A2 30 Cents An Hour Is Slavery B1 Never Grow Up B2 A Shadow That Will Last A Lifetime CD1 This Music Is My...


Ran ‎– John Says 7"

TracklistA1 John Says A2 Blue Skies B1 A Transient Place B2 Bread


Horses / Prevenge ‎– Horses / Prevenge

TracklistA –Horses Moses Coady B –Prevenge An Excellent Physician/It Won't Protect You


Occult Detective Club ‎– Alright Gentlemen 7"

TracklistAlright Gentlemen Sad Kids My New Heart The President Says


Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band* / Your Pest Band ‎– Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band / Your Pest Band

Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band* High & Drivin' –Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band* I-94 –Your Pest Band I Know Why –Your Pest ...


Napalm Raid ‎– Trail Of The World

TracklistFree Yourself Trail Of The World To Serve And Arrest Misery


Gnarly Whales ‎– Unicorns Of The Sea 7"

TracklistA1 The Narwhals / Gnarly Wales Attack A2 I Am Not An Atheist A3 Recycled Metaphors A4 Flo Rider A5 Homicidal Cat Killer A6 DIY Means B1 Ex...


The Fur Coats ‎– Goddamn, I'm A Handsome Man! 7"

TracklistA1 What The Fuck Do I Do Now? A2 Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know B1 Goddamn, I'm A Handsome Man! B2 And U R


The Fur Coats ‎– Don't Make Me Beg 7"

TracklistA1 Don't Make Me Beg A2 Talking To Myself B1 Tiny Fists B2 25-Year Plan


Ex Friends ‎– Twisted Around

TracklistA1 Punk Rock Wedding Punk Rock Divorce A2 Rainy Season B1 Vexed Question B2 Model Minority B3 West Chester Nuclear Winter


Dude Jams / Pure Graft ‎– Dude Jams / Pure Graft 7" Split

TracklistA1 –Dude Jams Putting The X In PUNX A2 –Dude Jams Songs About Dying B1 –Pure Graft Blatant Localism B2 –Pure Graft David Dimbleby


Dreams You Die In ‎– The Ties That Bind

TracklistA1 Why Couldn't We Play Catch A2 The Ties That Bind A3 Knocking Over The Podium B1 Drop Out Of Hardcore B2 Follow Your Leader


Chilling Winston ‎– Pessimistic 7"

Tracklist1 Charlie 2 Cookie Dough 3 Ashtray Eyes 4 Pessimistic


Apocalypse Meow ‎– Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!

TracklistA1 Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats! A2 The Rain B1 The Going Gets Tuff B2 We Are The Whale


The Transgressions And The Side Project ‎– Stop Wasting My Time 7"

A1 –The Transgressions Drunk And DepressedA2 –The Transgressions Kidney StoneA3 –The Transgressions Living HellB1 –The Side Project 20-200B2 –The S...


Parasol ‎– Crush Season

TracklistA1 Firecracker A2 Keep Me At Bay B1 Walk B2 Fourth Of July


Make It Plain / Deep Pockets ‎– Make It Plain / Deep Pockets

TracklistA1 –Make It Plain Fresh Start A2 –Make It Plain ICU B1 –Deep Pockets (2) Cyclone Cellar B2 –Deep Pockets (2) I Like To Have Dinner Every N...


Burning Bridges ‎– Burning Bridges

TracklistA1 Butt Cheese America 1:54A2 I Am An Earthling 1:23A3 Pride Rock 1:28B1 You're No More Progressive Than Progresso Soup 1:48B2 No War ...


The Bruté Medium / Wilmot Proviso ‎– Get Mad At Each Other And Split A 7"

TracklistA –The Bruté Medium A Weed On The Side Of The Road Does Not Know That It Is A Weed B1 –Wilmot Proviso I Could Have Written It Down For You...


Awkward Age - Super Unprepared 7"

Tracklist A1 Super Unprepared A2 In MontrealVocals – Michelle KeatingB1 You Cant Deny ThisVocals – Michelle KeatingB2 I Want More

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Awful Man ‎– Waiting For The Tanks To Come Rolling In 7"

TracklistThis Cause Won't Lose Itself Words Fail One More Song The Tanks Come In Last Run Up The Tab


Adult Braces / Crybaby Split 7"

TracklistA1 –Crybaby (6) Ex Quarterback Material A2 –Crybaby (6) Empty O's B1 –Adult Braces Homerun Derby B2 –Adult Braces Holding Back B3 –Adu...


The Serious Geniuses / Jean Claude Jam Band ‎– Split

A1 –The Serious Geniuses Marc AttackBand [The Serious Geniuses] – Dan*, Josh*, Nip*, Paul*Recorded By – Jay*A2 –The Serious Geniuses HoffstraBand [...


The Ex-Boyfriends ‎– Disease LP

TracklistWing It Hospitals Like Holidays This Town Journey To The Land Of Stupid Hope 2 Relationshit Disease Be Mine The Store Are There Any Punks ...


The Capitalist Kids ‎– At A Loss LP

TracklistNot '95 01:53Infinite Growth On A Finite Planet 02:08Beginner's Finnish 01:27Closer To You 02:19Gender Binary Bop 01:24I Gotta Hol...


American Lies & Dudes Night ‎– AL DN Split 7"

Tracklist–American Lies (2) Groundhog Day 3:10–American Lies (2) Glassbones 3:10–Dudes Night 26th And Alston (You've Got Too Much Of Your Mothe...


Apocalypse Meow, & Todd Congelliere ‎– Split 7"

Tracklist Hide CreditsA1 –Apocalypse Meow Just You WaitDrums – John*Guitar, Bass – Jub*Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Justin*Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastere...