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American Lies & Dudes Night ‎– AL DN Split 7" Radius 5, OTR-009, RGF-034, SM-003, MHR-003, CRR-0

–American Lies (2) Groundhog Day 3:10
–American Lies (2) Glassbones 3:10
–Dudes Night 26th And Alston (You've Got Too Much Of Your Mother In You) 2:15
–Dudes Night Selling The Car For Gas Money

Pressing Information

Split label release:
Radius Records - Radius 5
On the Real Records - OTR-009
Rad Girlfriend Records - RGF-034
Serious Moonlighting Records - SM-003
Mouse House Records - MHR-003
Camp Radio Records - CRR-001

Official release - 200 clear gold vinyl, 300 black vinyl.