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Underparts - Steady Gaze LP

hit play!!!Steady Gaze by Underparts


NO///Se - S/T LP

like uhmmm one dude was like in uhmmmmmm Young Livers?ИO///sé by ИO///sé


RVIVR - The Beauty Between LP

DONT RVIVR ME BRO!The Beauty Between by RVIVR

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Less Than Jake - Goodbye Blue & White CD/DVD

sweet deluxe reissue with a dvd of a 2007 performance of the record.

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V/A : No Idea Records & Fueled By Ramen - COMP CD

1. The Impossibles-Oxygen~~~2. Small Brown Bike-Hideaway~~~3. Recover-Pardon the Wait~~~4. Gunmoll-Green~~~5. Jersey-All Rise~~~6. The Tone-Bullshi...

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V/A: Don't Fall Asleep A MPLS DIY Comp For Daybreak Newspaper CD

The Daybreak Collective of Minneapolis has been irregularly publishing a refreshingly defiant anarchists newspaper since 2001 and has been a mainst...


Young, Gina - She's So Androgynous CD

Although she has virtually no formal musical training, gina’s immediate family includes an opera singer, a composer, a philharmonic percussionist, ...


Yes Sensei - We Who Transplant, Sustain CD

The second Yes Sensei release is more of everything. More focused, dynamic, noisy, experimental, grooving, just more of the elements of Yes Sensei ...


Yes Sensei - What I Do Best Is What I Do Worst CD

What I Do Best is What I Do Worst by Yes Sensei


Wedgepiece - Absolute Bliss CD

total Guided By Voices worship.


Watson - Chasing .500 CDep

Tampa X Core members of Too Many Daves, Vaginasore jr, Decker, and Clairmel.Chasing 500 by WATSON

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Watson - Killing Momentum CD

Tampa X Core members of Too Many Daves, Vaginasore jr, Decker, and Clairmel.Killing Momentum by WATSON


Veterans, The - S/T CD

The Veterans by The Veterans


Vena Cava - Weapons Of Mass Communication CDep

click the play button. no need to blabber in this spot right?Weapons Of Mass Communication by VENA CAVA


Trample - Strike When Provoked CD

Fresh off the beaches of Miami, Florida, Trample feature members of Make Or Break and bring a hard-nosed style of hardcore that took influence fro...


Tricycle Farm - Everything's On Sale CD

CLICK PLAY!!Everything's On Sale by TRICYCLE FARM


Unseen Force - In Search Of The Truth CD

We've unearthed one hell of a hardcore gem with this one. Finally available once again after 22 long years is the official reissue of UNSEEN FO...

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Vaginasore Jr. - S/T CD

Tampa punx ex- Clairmel and a Dave from Too Many DavesVaginasore Jr by VAGINASORE JR


No Power - No Axis

No Power features ex members of Grids (Luchbox/Inkblot/Made in Kansas), Meth Mtn (Self Aware/Lunchbox) and Obstruction (Lunchbox). Somewhere in tha...

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Oddczar - One Word LP

This record is refreshing. It is nice to see a band blossom into such a powerful force. They started out as mere high schoolers who always had to p...


Stranger Cells - Everything Is Static CD

Debut EP of lo-fi folk grunge rockers.1. Carpenter Bee 2. Promise 3. Old Man 4. The Sleuth 5. Into OblivionRun of 30, hand-numbered.Everything Is S...


Mike Bell & The Movies - Stuck In A T.V. 7"

Mike Bell & the Movies features ex and current members of Algernon Cadwallader, Bandname, and Dangerous Ponies. For fans of go-karts, pick slid...

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Stereo - Rewind+Records CD


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Stereotyperider - Same Chords, Same Songs, Same Six Strings CD

After having toured the East Coast and Midwest with Fearless Recording artist, Big Wig, Stereotyperider are ready to release their debut masterpiec...


Spokesmen - S/T CD

out of print.

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Spoke - Done CD

Classic No Idea Release

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Said Gun - SouthWestern Songs of the Arizonas TAPE

pop punk. hit play and find out if you like it.SouthWestern Songs of the Arizonas by Said Gun


Billy Raygun / Georgian - Split TAPE

Billy Raygun/Georgian Split by Billy Raygun