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1994! - Most Deaf 7" / Digital Download KOD 068

Lancaster PA’s 1994! are a heavy duo de force. The songs on "Most Deaf" just don’t let up. A plethora of attitude with belted out hoarse vocals, soaring riffs, and grooving tempos make it reminiscent of a lot of the great emocore bands of the 90's. (Yeah "emocore," because that's what kids called it back then, before it became a generic, over produced, over hyped, fashionable, and haircut driven bastardization that everyone knows today.) Time to stop ranting, trust us this is totally worth checking out!

*For fans of bands like Portraits of Past and I Hate Myself

+ VIDEO is NOT A SONG from the 7inch but is still amazing +

The 7" will come with an Instant Digital Download
The Digital Download of this EP is High Quality .WAV Files and are available for free/donation!

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Pressing Information

Released: May 2011

1. Sour Thanks, Man
2. Upsell The Vibe

Pressing Information:
1st Pressing - 600 +/- (100 Black & 500 Random Mixed Color)
500 purple mix (vary from light to dark, but all purple)

2nd Pressing - 300 +/- (134 green/brown mix, 106 flesh, 41 light green, 3 Dijon mustard)