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Prizzy Prizzy Please - Chroma Cannon - Tape LPR 040 /JNR 047

In an overzealous effort to make the best of unemployment, Prizzy Prizzy Please have gone plaid with Chroma Cannon. With a 30th century aesthetic, the album rockets through hyperactive hits that blend melodic noise punk (reminiscent of Parts and Labor, Lightning Bolt) with the spirit of fourth-quarter pump-up jams by Van Halen and the E Street Band. Though Chroma Cannon prominently displays Prizzy Prizzy Please’s technical prowess, the songs are thematically fixated on science fantasy and humor. The song “Pacific Garbage Patch” is a fictional first-person tale of a shopping bag surfing the waves to join the rest of his buddies in the Pacific Trash Vortex(1); and “Large Hadron Collider” is the story of ambitious Swiss(2) physicists who have an epiphany encounter with a man from the future who warns them not to flush the Earth into a black hole. (200 tapes pressed.)