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V/A - Dangerous Intersections V w/Troublemake / Legendary San Diego Chargers / Shang-A-Lang / Andrew Jackson Jihad 7" TST 015

Released on August 26, 2009, I’m still on the fence as far as this cover goes done by Brett Wensel.
330 black, 167 mineral water, 60 brown trash.

Pretty excited to be listening to all of these right in a row, let’s get going with Dangerous Intersections V. Troublemake opens it up with a great into song, actually it’s just a great song in general, I’ll be looking for some more Troublemake stuff soon. The long named bands is back with The Legendary San Diego Chargers (members of The Slow Death and D4), lucky for them, they’re really good despite their name. A catchy rock jam lets me look past the name of the band. Shang-A-Lang (Dirt Cult Recs/Low Culture) comes in pretty startling after that song, loud, fast, unorganized, I can take a pass on this one. Ending things is another long named Andrew Jackson Jihad, I recently really learned to appreciate these guys, due to a big part of this Billy Joel cover, good stuff. Dangerous Intersections V gets another big thumbs up from me, due in big part to the MVP Troublemake.

1. Troublemake – Use Six or Seven Times and Destroy
2. The Legendary San Diego Chargers – Fred and the Kids Are Dead
3. Shang-A-Lang – Don’t Bring Him Around
4. Andrew Jackson Jihad – You May Be Right