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V/A - Dangerous Intersections IV w/ Strait A's / Like Bats / Rumspringer / Barrakuda McMurder 7" TST 012

Released on May 22, 2009, Stewart Breaks brings my personal favorite fucking cover art of the Dangerous Intersections series. 320 black, 175 sky blue, 70 sky grey.
The Strait A’s open Dangerous Intersections volume four, and well, this song is kinda great. Like Bats follows them with a really fucking cool song, this is probably the best song up to this point on any of these. However they’re followed by one of my favorite discoveries of 2009, Rumspringer. I do like the Like Bats song just a bit more, and that’s saying a lot because Rumspringer is really fucking great and this is no exception. Last is Barrakuda McMurder, Steinways fans know what’s up. They have hands down the best song title in Dangerous Intersections history. Too bad it takes about as much time to say the track title as it does to listen to the song, coming in at under a minute, it’s a fun little song but almost gets dwarfed by what was ahead of it. overall, I thought volume three kicked a lot of ass (and it very much does), but volume four just takes it to the next level.

1. Strait A’s – Go Away
2. Like Bats – Sleepwalker
3. Rumspringer – No Lights On
4. Barrakuda McMurder – I Broke Up (With My Girlfriend (So That I Could Write Pop Punk Songs About It))

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