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V/A - Dangerous Intersections III w/Todd Congelliere / Dopamines / Apocalypse Meow / Closet Fairies 7" or CDep TST 009

Released on May 13, 2009, cover art that reminds me of a pretty awesome flyer for some reason by Gord Lafler.
Volume three, The Closet Fairies, things get real fast, real fast, great opener. Apocalypse Meow follows with another great song, volume three is half way over and highly enjoyable with high energy and fun falling out of its pockets. Where can we go from here? Well The Dopamines come in and answer that with a song that i fucking love the title to. And as normal The Dopamines are awesome. The closer is Todd Congelliere, you may know him from F.Y.P and Toys That Kill. A slower song than I had expected not only because of the performer but also the previous three songs set a fast pace. This also sounds like it was recorded in his bedroom, which isn’t bad, I fucking love it. Volume three is the forerunner of awesomeness at this point, I’m actually kind of blown away at how good this one turned out.

1. The Closet Fairies – SKUMPUNK
2. Apocalypse Meow – Babies Got It Made
3. The Dopamines – My Future’s So Bright, I Have to Wear Night Vision Goggles
4. Todd Congelliere – Channel 11

Pressing Information

Record nerds, 301 black, 150 sour grape, 54 crystal scum.