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Rumspringer / Sleep Like A Dog - Split 7" TST 010

Rumspringer: Saw these guys turn in a great set at the Razorcake benefit, so I naturally picked this out of the review pile. Two tracks from ‘em here, both catchy bits of poppy punk that. Nice enough to make me wanna hear more. Sleep Like A Dog: They follow along the same lines as their record mates here, though the heavy Japanese accents make the lyric sheet indispensable. –Jimmy Alvarado/RaZorcake

–Rumspringer Give Me A Fucking Vowel
–Rumspringer Normal Again
–Sleep Like A Log Broken Scale
–Sleep Like A Log The Big Monster And Me

Pressing Information

First Pressing
333 black vinyl
153 black cloud (dark grey) vinyl
57 concrete (light grey) vinyl