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Homewreckers, The - Daydreaming About Assholes 7" KOD 039

At first listen, THE HOMEWRECKERS sound like a more pissed-off version of THE DISTILLERS. This Brooklyn band’s EP is in your face and totally confrontational. “Assholes” is vengeful and unapologetically spiteful, yet refreshingly honest. Cristy Road fronts the band and pulls influence from Keith Morris-era BLACK FLAG. The record features an art-filled booklet filled with the aforementioned front woman

Pressing Information

1st Pressing: 600 - 7inches
204 Chocolate
169 Mocha
69 Jawbreaker Swirl
45 Fleshy Mix
35 Green
28 Toffee
26 Mustard Moss
12 Bro-Urple
7 Jupiter
5 Other/Oddball

FEST 8 Pressing - 33 Colored Test Pressings