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Shoganai a zine by Servo Jefferson

"Shoganai. Zine author Servo Jefferson recently released Shoganai, an epic tale of love, punk rock, and teaching English in Japan. It’s an amazingly well-written story which delves deeply into the titular concept of “shoganai,” which is Japanese for “shit happens”. This is good, as Jefferson encounters poor work conditions, bizarre roommates, and being stranded in unfamiliar parts of Japan. The positives outweigh the negatives, however, and it’s all handled with good humor . This goes further then random observational humour of japanese weirdness – Servo keeps on observing himself in the meanwhile while being there, doesn’t care about losing his cool and his personal thoughts are intelligent and clever enough to appear more interesting than random Japanese travel reports. His constant hunger for positivity is definately a catchy thing. One of the best zines of 2011"

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paper. staples. xeroxed. just your classic zine.