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V/A : No Idea Records & Fueled By Ramen - COMP CD NIR ???

1. The Impossibles-Oxygen~~~2. Small Brown Bike-Hideaway~~~3. Recover-Pardon the Wait~~~4. Gunmoll-Green~~~5. Jersey-All Rise~~~6. The Tone-Bullshit~~~7. The Stereo-Can't Look Back~~~8. Unitas-Unitas (Picks A) Fight Song~~~9. Cadillac Blindside-Empty Bottle Evening~~~10. Planes Mistaken For Stars-Leveless~~~11. Blueline Medic-Nouveau Riche~~~12. Usuals-Salty Coffee~~~13. True North-Victoire~~~14. Mid Carson July-Way of My World~~~15. Burnman-Excerpts From an Interveiw...~~~16. Foundation-Engines of Alienation~~~17. Trapdoor Fucking Exit-Choking on Teeth~~~18. The Effect-Insomnia~~~19. Hot Water Music-Alachua~~~20. Pollen-Chip~~~21. Twelve Hour Turn-This Papermill is Getting to Me~~~22. Frodus-The Earth isn't Humming~~~23. Fifth Hour Hero-Dead on Holiday~~~24. Less Than Jake-Greased Lightning~~~