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Vacation - Dream Dad 7" LPR 046

You can throw three dudes in front of a camera and make them smile for a band picture, but true chemistry is completely impossible to fake, and it's something that positively bleeds from each track on Vacation's new 7" Dream Dad. Two songs from their debut Do Shit Tape are reprised here, but are played with the familiarity and vigor of old standards, elevating them to downright anthem status. Meanwhile, the new songs here act as round two in Vacation's seemingly endless game of "how many unruly, earworm-worthy hooks can we jam into one song?". It's punk that flirts with the borders of noise rock and lo-fi grit, Danzig-era Misfits on a steady diet of helium and pixie sticks, but most importantly, it's the vital kind of music that doesn't just constantly press the pleasure button; it's dropped a 50-pound weight on it.

Pressing Information

First Pressing
100 clear orange vinyl
480 black vinyl