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Rational Anthem - Bread Line 7" TST 034

Rational Anthem were, by all rights, the first Traffic Street band. I've come a long way since I started out and I'm proud to say that so have they. With their new EP, Rational Anthem have turned in a record that's more than just four songs recorded at the same time. Bread Line perfectly captures the spirit and feeling of what it's like to be young, broke, and overworked in 2011 America. While not one of these four songs sounds like any of the others, the band's energy and the overarching theme of economic hardship connect them all to create a perfect cohesive EP that's as strong as anything else that I've been lucky enough to release. It took three years and three split 7-inches for Rational Anthem to record a follow-up EP to their s/t demo, but it was absolutely worth the wait. The band's figured out who they are, how they write, and what they do best -and on Bread Line, they do it four times over. If you're through with college, have given up on the job market, and have sadly come to the realization that you'll never have it as good as your parents, Bread Line is the record for you. Buy it now and start getting excited for their upcoming full-length.

Pressing Information

First press: 310 black, 146 flour, 54 oatmeal cookie.