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Timeshares - Bearable LP or CD KOD 076

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To portray Timeshares as anything more than four friends from downstate New York playing passionate, sincere punk-rock would be a waste of words. “We became friends through music,” says Mike Natoli, the band's bassist, “...Two years ago we started Timeshares together and it feels awesome.” So when these friends found themselves facing a couple of particularly "shitty years" as guitarist Jon Hernandez put it, they banded together to write and record their first full length Bearable. The band, which includes drummer Eric Bedell, guitarist and Jay Mosher, partnered with Kiss of Death Records and Kind of Like Records for a co-release on both vinyl and digital formats. With a blend of rock and punk reminiscent of that sweet spot from the 1990s. Bearable is sure to be loved by fans of early Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music and Avail alike.

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Co- Released with Kind Of Like Records

Pressing Information

Release Date: 10/25/11

1. From An Admirer Not Darryl
2. Everyday Doops
3. Focus, Eddie
4. Oh No Not That
5. Sarah, Send Your Driver
6. Damn Near By Beer
7. Too Many ELO Days
8. Chinese Coffee Torture
9. Skirt Wednesday
10. Mumbleface
11. Woke Up In Grappler School
12. Math & Science

1st Pressing: 500+/- LPs
Pressing info:
207 Kryptonite
124 Pea Soup
90 Olive Mix
45 Swamp
18 Poison Mist
10 Jade
6 Oddball

2nd Pressing:
375 +/- mixed purple/blue/grey swirly (some are lighter/darker than others)
25 +/- violet