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Ridgemont - Colder Days LP / Digital Download KOD 077

In less than 2 short years, Allston, Massachusetts' Ridgemont have managed to release a demo, the "Documented Failures" EP, a special tour edition cassette and record a full-length. It's no small coincidence that the energy the four members put into the band happens to bleed through musically into their especially energetic brand of melodic punk. Inspired by early Propaghandi, Dillinger Four, Latterman and showing traces of a love for Thin Lizzy, Ridgemont spends their time humbly playing the music they hold dear to their hearts. With only a small amount of touring under their belts so far, the band expects to spend a whole lot more time out on the road once their first full-length is released. The album boasts a whopping 14 songs of rapid-fire vocals, noodling guitars and sweaty sing-alongs.

Hand screen printed covers.

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Pressing Information

Released: September 13th 2011

1. No Cream, No Sugar
2. Origins & Endings
3. Dissociated
4. John Cusack, Eat Your Heart Out
5. What Kind of Fucking Family
6. Stop Breaking the Law, Asshole
7. Dopes and Schemes
8. Oh, Fishsticks!
9. 8 Hopewell Road
10. Dumpster Chuck
11. Some Little Filly Break Your Heart
12. Heads Boston, Tails Boulder
13. Bass Chords Would Work Well Here
14. The Fucking Basement Flooded

1st Pressing
500 Black - Screen Printed Covers