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Credentials, The - Routines CD TST 027

brand new power pop punk full length from these dudes!!! the drummer was in Witches With Dicks. so check this shit out. one dude is in Ridgemont.

Earlier this year, the Credentials self-released their debut LP. I had liked their 7-inch, but this full-length seriously knocked me on my ass. Twelve songs recorded live that transition seamlessly all the way through to the end of the record. This is ripping-fast, scrappy as hell, but still completely bold. When I say that this record is "punk as fuck," that's not tongue-in-cheek. It has an energy that I couldn't even begin to describe and -on top of all of that -these guys are writing some of the best lyrics out there at the moment. Not only can they perfectly articulate the frustrations of daily life in the most poetic way possible, but they can actually write "issue songs" that don't make me roll my eyes. And for someone as jaded and apathetic as I've come to be, that's quite the fucking achievement. If you're a fan of Crimpshrine, Insomniac-era Green Day, and Witches With Dicks, get ready for your favorite record of 2010.