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Fake Boys, The - Nice Knowing You - 7" / Digital Download KOD 073

Lowell, Massachusetts is considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, so it seems fitting that the Fake Boys have both a working class sound and attitude. Cutting their teeth playing in hardcore bands, their musical chops are apparent. However, the band takes influences from a wide array of sources. They are just as likely to give a nod to Poison Idea and Husker Du as they are to Nirvana and Superdrag. This concoction creates something that is both fresh and new. The songs can be melodic and accessible, but just underneath the surface is a thoughtful and layered approach to the punk/rock genre. Since their inception in 2007, the trio has been bringing their brand of loud, warm, fuzzed-out music across the entire United States and throughout Europe on a regular basis. They've released 2 LPs and numerous splits in their short 4 year career, and The Fake Boys show little inclination to slow down their pace. Their newest EP on Kiss of Death Records is filled with interesting melodies and killer riffage. It's lucky for music lovers everywhere that when asked about their future plans, Jim Domenici simply replied, "To keep on writing, recording and touring until we die."

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Pressing Information

Release Date: 8/9/11

1. Raymond and James
2. I'm Sorry You Feel That Way
3. Drug Rug
4. My Best Face
5. David Francis Morrisey

1st pressing: 500 +/- 7 inches
(203 gross poo mix, 152 camo/dark green swirl, 45 orange, 40 fleshy mix, 31 brorange/dirty orange, 9 clearish violet, 8 dirty pink, 4 oddballs, 3 dull, 2 jade, & 1 deep purple)