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Caves / Sundials - Split 7" / Digital Download KOD 074

"This Bristol, UK punk-pop trio are often compared to bands such as Discount and Lemuria and it’s no surprise why. They play a brand of punk that is infused with pop, lacks overly hard edges (not a criticism) and all are/were fronted by a female. In the case of Caves, the female is Louise Hanman, who also plays guitar, backed up by a particularly tight rhythm section of Dave Brent on drums and Jonathan Minto on bass." -

"If you enjoy the sunny, jangly, '90s alt-rock-influenced punk sounds of fellow upstarts Failures' Union, this should be directly up your alley. A bounty of melody and exuberantly sung vocals are wielded by Sundials here at every turn." -

Listen To CAVES Here: Caves BandCamp
Listen To SUNDIALS Here: Sundials BandCamp

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Pressing Information

Release Date: 8/9/11

1. CAVES - Desperate Times
2. CAVES - Stepping Stone
3. SUNDIALS - Viking Funeral
4. SUNDIALS - Mosby Street

1st pressing: 500 +/- 7 Inches
(223 granite/slate mix, 52 Ciampi's black arm, 36 bright orange, 35 dark orange, 20 swampy green, 12 hillbilly swamp beer, 8 pale light green, 5 dijon mustard, 4 black out, 3 dark ass green, 2 pea soup & 100 unknown mixed vinyl with Tour Covers, # of 100 for the UK tour)

2nd pressing: 100 black