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Measure (sa), The / New Bruises - Split 7" KOD 040

The Measure (SA) bring a lot of different vibes to their side of this split 7". Featuring a bouncy giddy-up tempo on the opening track, a raging second track that sounds like a more pissed off Lifetime, a jangly head-bobbing anthem for the 3rd track and a dynamic, sometimes fast, sometimes slow closer, The Measure (SA) showcase a wide gamut of the tricks that must literally be busting out of their sleeves. Dueling male and female vocals create even more diversity here on these super catchy tunes. Don't get me wrong. This stuff is still cohesive and fitting four songs onto one side of a 7" means it'll be over before you know it and you'll be begging for more. New Bruises are back on side B of this split. You know what to expect from these guys at this point right? It's somewhere between fun punk rock anthems and all that good 90s indie/emo. You know, before the idea of emo became bastardized by a bunch of weirdos with really bad haircuts who cut themselves. Now if we can just get Bryon and the rest of the boys to record another full-length...

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Pressing Information

1st pressing 1000 +/- 7inches
700 +/- dump mix (100 w/ photocopy inserts)
192 violet marble
39 light purple
35 chalky pink
31 grape smoothie
24 salmon

FEST 8 Pressing - 53 Colored Test Pressing