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New Bruises / The Amistad - Split 7" AIV 009

New Bruises: one song from the session for the upcoming LP (b-side) and a cover of Mid Carson July's More Metal from the album Wessel from the recording session for the split with The Measure (sa).

Punk rock jams, sometimes anthemic, sometimes gruff, always fun. Buy the record, grab a pint and sing a long...

Comes with the usual.... colour vinyl, free download and screen printed cover and red vinyl

SIDE A: 1. New Bruises – Broken Typewriter (2:38) 2. New Bruises – More Metal (2:02)
SIDE B: 3. The Amistad – Night thoughts of a maladaptive perfectionist (2:31) 4. The Amistad – We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it (2:16)

Pressing Information

400 opaque red
100 opaque yellow