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Bomb The Music Industry / Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Split 7" KOD 035

When BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! started doing tours, the plan was always to tour with our friends and put out split 7"s covering each others' songs for those tours. Not that it really worked out but when they decided to tour with their friends' bands and play cheaper all ages shows again, LAURA STEVENSON & THE CANS was the obvious choice.
This seven inch features one original by each band and one cover of each other’s songs. Following in this theme, the bands designed the cover artwork for each other, making this a perfect summer release to accompany the tour. The LAURA side focuses on sweet melodies and smooth vocals while the BOMB side aurally represents the reason my buddy Murray says he still likes going to punk rock shows!

***We just got back a return with 1st pressing colors. cool blue, slate blue, clear and clear red

Pressing Information

1st Pressing - 1100 +/- 7 inches ( Screen Printed Covers)
300 +/- Translucent Red
300 +/- Clear
174 State Blue Marble
93 Cool Blue
27 Camo Marble
22 Aqua Marine Swirl
21 Golden Beer
18 Pea Soup
12 Mustard Olive Swirl
11 Baby Blue and Dirt
10 Yellow Swirl
27 Other

2nd pressing - 500 7 inches (Printed Covers)
205 Rusty Can
234 Tarnished Bomb
61 Crayon Beef Stew (w/screened covers from 1st press)