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V/A: Don't Fall Asleep A MPLS DIY Comp For Daybreak Newspaper CD DB 002

The Daybreak Collective of Minneapolis has been irregularly publishing a refreshingly defiant anarchists newspaper since 2001 and has been a mainstay in local activist organizing. In an effort to raise money for publishing the newspapers and other projects, they have compiled a CD of local anarchist and DIY bands from across the musical spectrum, but all united in their activist commitment. There are 21 tracks in all.

Track list:
1 Woodcat -Wolf
2 Thunder In The Valley -Altar
3 Deuce Boldly -Fences
4 Doric -Higher Than Gods
5 Chokecherry -Barbecue
6 Best Friends Forever -Ghost Song
7 Synchrocylcotron -Then Erf Ban Yon
8 Ladyslipper -In The Woods
9 Blackthorns -Railroad Boy
10 Your Loving Tiger -We All Had A Real Good Time
11 Eatin' Hog Eye -Sleep Soon
12 Danger Boy And The Road Vultures -Heat Through The Windshield
13 Bla Bla Blacksheep -Makeout Revolution
14 Angelworm -Loaded Dice
15 Gaybeast -Disrobics
16 Dreamland Faces -On Suicide
17 Echo-masho -Chojo Giga
18 Knotwells -Gasoline
19 Pretty Boy Thorson -Two Steps Across Two Harbors
20 Fort Wilson Riot -Song Of The Conscripts
21 Luc The Drifter -S.o.s.